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So how’s the fall going for you?
   Here for us… well, life doesn’t stop, now does it? We have a 6 month-old, a 1.5 year-old, and a 3, 4,  and 5 year-old. We have started the journey of homeschooling and we LOVE every minute of it! My daughter loves being able to grow in her understanding at her pace, which I discovered quickly is much faster than anything the kindergarten programs out there! T-man and Monkey love doing homeschool preschool, and my littles, well they enjoy playing with a box full of toys for class time. Balancing life has been quite the adventure as we work hard to maintain sanity of home life, work lives, volunteering and helping our parish, plus two awesome Catholic homeschool co-ops in the area. Life never settles by the waysides in our house. But what can I say, we will enjoy the memories of summer and think about them especially as it gets cooler and colder here in MN!

Our Fifth

Our Lady Bug                 So this is the tale about our fifth and perfect little girl. On April 16th at 7 a.m. my hubby and I packed the car and drove to our local Catholic hospital for our inevitable inducement, five kids, five inducements, and I wasn’t worried a second.            Now this pregnancy had […]



Well, the past few months have definitely slipped passed me. Let’s see, highlight reel…. – after extensive testing, T-man and Monkey are cleared from the autism spectrum. Both boys really enjoyed the four weeks of testing at the ‘big kid school’. T-man is above average on memory and cognitive skills testing. Meanwhile, Monkey will be […]


so it’s been a while

YES we are alive!! Ok, so life has been pretty crazy and hectic and honestly I wasn’t even sure if anyone would notice my drop-off from the blogosphere… but I thank you my dear friends and readers who have sent me emails, messages, or just called and said “write more about your beautiful and crazy […]


A Priest, Prophet, and King

So something special happened last week, on February 7th, our little guy T was brought into the Church! It was the cutest sacrament ever! Although T does not like water in any shape or form, he did NOT cry during the baptism… in fact, he was very attentive (see pic). He stood pretty solemnly preparing […]


Grease Fire in the Apartment – A Miracle

Literal Hugs from our Guardian Angel (photo proof) This week kicked off with a BANG, literally! My hubby and I decided to invite some of our friends over to “watch” the big football playoff game, but really just wanted to enjoy each other’s company. “Uncle” Caleb, soon-to-be “Auntie” Brooke, and “Auntie” WinWee came to play […]


Bella Steals Mommy’s Phone to Make Calls

Today has been a very funny Bumble Bee day… at 17 months-old, my daughter constantly loves everyone she meets…and today has been no different. Bumble Bee has an enormous heart and loves to express her love towards others… B loves to dine with her monkey and Puppy friends.. she loves to draw with her new […]


St. Nicholas Comes to the Allex Family

So after the long trek home from Fargo, guess who came to our home while we were gone for Christmas? That’s right St. Nicholas! Now many readers out there might be asking why St. Nicholas and not Santa? Well A. Because Santa is derived by St. Nicholas and B. My husband and I would rather […]


Extended Family Christmas

So after we opened our presents, my hubby and I decided we’d take the risk traveling through a blizzard storm to be with our extended family over the holidays. We really wanted to present our gifts in our secret santa exchange, Cameron and Makensie, as well as Skylar and Landon. So we prayed our rosary […]