Updates from Summer 2014 AND SURPRISE NEWS

Ok, so I’ll admit it, my life has been a bit of a crazy, hectic bundle of adventures in the past 3 years since I started this website… however, that being said, I’m ready to get back in the groove of things… so some updates.

Bumblebee: Well she’s almost 6 years-old! Can you believe it? Geez time really does fly. This girl is brilliant, funny, and full of sass. She just completed her first year of homeschooling and she loves it. Although, she does wish she ride the big yellow bus that picks up kids on the corner of our street, she has found it’s ok to be special and get to stay in her jammies and not freeze to death in the hard cold reality of winters in central Minnesota. Cute things about Bumblebeee: She constantly sings to Jesus and Mary about her life and things she enjoys. She has created her own “Prayer Office” in the middle of our living room since this MommyGladiator would not let her make an outdoor hermitage (a word she heard from a Holy Heroes Saint CD). She is a very caring big sister who constantly is teaching her brothers how to pray and love Jesus with all their hearts. Oh and Bumblebee cleans up after herself in hopes of getting a puppy for her birthday (not gonna happen).

Tiger: Almost 5 year-old spirited boy who loves cars, planes, and anything that moves. His imagination is incredible as he draws pictures of his one-day-I’m-gonna-make-it inventions like a peanut butter sandwich-making backpack. Like most 5 year-old boys, Tiger is very very energetic. This kid runs the minute he wakes up at 6 a.m. and doesn’t go down until 8 p.m. that night. He loves life and you can hear his laughter throughout the house in the day. Cute things about Tiger: he is a superhero with the power to stop fighting between siblings (I know a little corny, but hey it works and he keeps others in check). He has so much energy that many times he blends words or makes definitions up… like blanana is a banana OR my favorite is that raisins are “candies poop” because he usually gets them with his trail mix. For all his toys, he sorts them by color and puts them into rows. And he can’t wait to start homeschool kindergarten this upcoming fall.

Monkey: Our 3 1/2 year-old little man who is loves to cause fun and loving mischief. You can tell something is going on in our home when it’s quiet and the ring leader is almost always this little guy. His charming personality and cute smile gets him into and out of a lot of trouble,but I can see more coming in his future especially with his flirtatious grin. Cute things about Monkey: He’s is a born leader who can get his little brother into lots of trouble like taking cookies when they know they shouldn’t. He’s the last one to go down for a nap and bribery is most usually needed. He is a great helper with pairing socks and is also known to sock bomb is siblings after he’s done with this chore.

Little Bear: Although he’s 2 1/2, he’s not so little anymore. This buddy has grown big and strong to keep up with his bigger brothers and sister. He’s our silent little snuggle bear who loves to run up and give hugs and kisses to his brothers, sisters and especially DaddyGladiator and myself. We also find him hanging out with his little sister, Lovebug, trying to snag her snack treats.

Lovebug: Our newest addition who is 16 months old and loves to be held by Mommy or Daddy. She is a tiny tot who is finally wanting to cruise/walk by herself instead of crawling in only the rooms that I’m in. She loves to snuggle and sit with us while we read or do anything. Although it seems like she has some separation issues, she really loves our babysitters and being in company with her big brothers and sister. Cuteness of Lovebug: When we laugh, she immediately picks up on it and starts giggling as well. She also adores playing phone calls with anything she can prop up next to her ears, including: other cell phones, beanie baby animals, wooden train track pieces, toy cars, really anything.

DaddyGladiator and myself: WELL… the big news we’ve been sharing is that we have been blessed with a new pregnancy!! His/her due date is January 21st 2015 so we’ll see how this continues to progress. Currently, I am facing terrible nausea and morning sickness but thankfully my great dr. has given me medicine in case I need it in the next few weeks. We are very excited to welcome #6 and while most of our tribe hopes to have a sister, there are still a few brothers who are looking for another musketeer for their adventures. Time will tell, but I guess we will still need to decide whether or not to find out prior to their welcome out of the womb. With 4 out of 5 kids we found out at the 20 week ultrasound, with Lovebug we had it put in an envelope and our youth group kids made us a cake to share with us the news…So I ask for your thoughts blogworld friends…. should we find out or wait for the surprise gender? Tell us your thoughts and what you’ve done! We love feedback!


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